Affection for Books


‘Maybe also in your home a precious book is dozing. Before throwing it away, by all means, please contact our store.’

本日(ほんじつ)着いた古本(ふるほん)が珍しい包装紙(ほうそうし)に梱包(こんぽう)されて、そして現品(げんぴん)はまた クリスタルペーパー に包まれてた。日本は本当に本の国で、新品がもちろん崇拝(すうはい)されてるが、古本も丁寧に預(あず)かっている。なんと素晴らしいことだ。日本人が作品を大事にして、その扱(あつか)い方に、もう何回も感心させた。

Today, receiving a purchased second-hand book with a rather unusual feature on the outer wrapping (see pic). Japan is really a book country, new items are adored, but also used books are treated with great care and respect. It something that impresses over and over again.

Japan a Book Country

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