December・12月 (師走・しわす) – Xmas and New Year in Japan – Short Read

年末になると誰もが忙しくなり、山ほど年賀状(ねんがじょう)を書いて送ったり、大掃除(おおそうじ)を したり、お正月の準備を したり、忘年会(ぼうねんかい)に参加(さんか)したりして、たくさんのことが起っている。

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お見送り – The Japanese Way of Seeing-off

When drawing your dictionary 見送り (みおくり; miokuri) has various meanings, however, the one referring in this article is solely about sending someone off, farewell somebody.


お(御; O), as seen in the title, is a honorific prefix, adding loftiness and beauty (as part of 美化語・雅語; びかご・がご) to the expression, like ‘honorable farewell’.

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あかね雲 – Rosy Shimmering Cloud by 梶 芽衣子・Meiko Kaji

Akane Gumo

A blessed actress and singer she is, Kaji Meiko, and Akane Gumo (あかね雲) just one of her many beautiful songs that will put the listener under a spell. Below the lyrics with Furigana provided. The English translation done personally, which might not be perfect, but hopefully conveying the meaning and scenes.
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Meaningful Words and Expressions – 意味がある単語や表現

1.) The first word in the characters of 一心不乱 may be partially seen in the background on the wall scroll. Personally spoken, it is one of those beautiful, but simple words that carry the spirit of Japan.

一心不乱 (いっしんふらん) = with heart and soul, wholeheartedly, with undivided concentration
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