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A few months ago, back in October 2016, I posted the first version of this article, however, a change corrupted some of the settings😀 and it’s no longer appearing properly on Google (sigh, technology 😩!), which lead me to post this again. Might have been a WordPress glitch, but I hope the new article stays unaffected. The former article I left as is though, as some visitors might still strand there (see Edition History on the bottom⬇). The main content remains mostly the same except for some minor editing. Well, here we go againπŸƒπŸ’¨!

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The astounding Art of Oroshi – Veggi Sculpting

卸し (γŠγ‚γ—; Oroshi) comes in many types, the most common one is however the 倧根卸し (γ γ„γ“γ‚“γŠγ‚γ—; daikonoroshi), which is the beloved radish that often finds its way into Japanese style dishes. Other forms of grated vegetable used as condiment (θ–¬ε‘³;やくみ) or garnish (δ»˜γ‘εˆγ›;぀けあわせ) are for instance carrot, ginger or potato. Radish Oroshi does not only serve as a decorative addition, but with its distinct spiciness, it also has the property of neutralizing smells (i.e. from fish). What is more, containing various enzymes, radish oroshi is also said to facilitate digestion. Thus, often accompanies fried foods, like Tempura, or meat dishes (i.e. ε”ζšγ’; Karaage chicken) for the purpose. Hailing from the various health benefits of radish oroshi, we can hence find the saying γ€Œε€§ζ ΉγŠγ‚γ—γ«εŒ»θ€…γ„γ‚‰γš; γ γ„γ“γ‚“γŠγ‚γ—γ«γ„γ—γ‚ƒγ„γ‚‰γšγ€. This expression is similar in meaning to ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ in English, lit. you won’t need a doctor as long as you eat it.

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