Castlevania Vengeance

Castelvania MLD
Konami‘s classic of the 80’s to return to the screens! Not as a game for once, but premiering as an anime on Netflix. Great artwork comes with it. This could become interesting and feed our thirst for nostalgia 😃.

As darkness to set over the land and evil to take hold in mortals, one fearless man to return from depths of oblivion to safe us all…

… vampire hunter Belmont is on the hunt again, watch out you creatures of the night 🦇🌕🐺…

…reminds me I still have unfinished business with Dracula all these years. I never got past that insanely difficult Grim Reaper of the original series. But the time will come that my NES will arise of the dusts of the past once again. I shall come for you Count and unleash the wrath of the Vampire Killer upon you and your keen 🔥…


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