Burn, my Cosmo! – Saint Seiya – Soul of Gold –

Saint Seiya
「君はコスモを感じたことがあるか。」・ ‘Have you ever felt your Cosmo?’

Since April I follow this anime show, which is in fact one in many years for me. It officially airs fortnightly on DAISUKI.net online streaming service, the Japanese counterpart of CRUNCHYROLL. Contents are available for free during the two weeks, until the next show is up and running.

Before I went to Japan I didn’t know this story of Greek mythology inspired warriors in their CLOTH armors, fighting for ATHENA’s cause, existed. That might be due to the fact that although very popular in France, Italy, Spain and South American countries, there was little or no localization into German and from what I read also less of a hype with English speaking audience. It is the 6th show into the latest story arc – SOUL OF GOLD – and I have been enjoying a good deal so far. I especially like the well-developed character designs of the GOLD SAINTS, of which LEO AIOLIA is the main character. I am also very fond of the soundtrack, which is very powerful in the opening and gentle for the ending theme. The lyrics of both songs below as well as the video of the opening. For the ending theme, here this fan made video.

Soldier Dream ~聖闘士神話~ (Opening)

Let’s raise it high in the sky

The sparkle of life that shines the way

I get drawn by fate

それは星座(せいざ)の神話(しんわ)さ ソルジャードリーム
That’s the myth of constellations Soldier Dream

解き放て(ときはなて)よ 燃えるコスモ
Unleash the burning Cosmo

勝利(しょうり)をいだく 明日のために
For the tomorrow that holds victory

聖闘士星矢 目指す希望(きぼう)の彩(いろ)は
Saint Seiya The color of hope that you aim for

Is more beautiful the more dignified it is

聖闘士星矢 翼(つばさ)は天を駆ける(かける)
Saint Seiya Wings fly through the sky

Like the chosen heaven-sent child

Into a promised Tomorrow ~約束の明日へ~ (Ending)

夏の夜に見た 星座(せいざ)の海
The sea of constellations we saw on a summer night

深い秋の 落ち葉道(おちばみち)
A road covered with leaves in deep autumn

真冬(まふゆ)の放課後(ほうかご) 隠してた夢
Dreams I hid after school in the harsh winter

We talked about our feelings

たとえ離れても ずっと繋がってる
Even if we’re apart, we’re always together

最高の友の背(せ)に エールを贈ろう(おくろう)
To my greatest friend who’s leaving I’ll give cheers

きつく唇(くちびる) 噛みしめ(かみしめ) 涙をこらえ 手を振る(てをふる)よ
I bite my lips tightly I hold back tears and wave

花びら舞う(まう) 木漏れび(陽;こもれび)の中で
In the sunlight under the trees where flower petals fly

夢を叶えて 胸張って(むねはって) みんなと逢う(おう)ため
Make dreams come true so that I can proudly see everyone

今 踏み出そう(ふみだそう) 約束の明日へ
Let’s walk out to the promised tomorrow


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