Aiming for Gods – Dragon Ball Super・ドラゴンボール超

Let the show begin! - Last sequence of the opening song before the curtains open to the new story arc. DRAGON BALL SUPER is being broadcasted since July 5th, 2015.
Let the show begin! – Last sequence of the opening song before the curtains open to the new story arc. Dragon Ball Super is being broadcast since July 5th, 2015.

After the movie Dragon Ball Z Resurrection (F「rieza」) earlier this year, the first new Dragon Ball episode aired in over almost 2 decades on Japanese TV since the beginning of this month. The story sets in sometime after Majin Boo‘s defeat. The earth seems to be once again freed from evil, but somewhere out in the universe a new, a mightier enemy is lurking to threaten this newly gained state of peace.

I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to sequels, but my first impressions are positive, let me hope for more in the upcoming shows. The character designs have slightly changed (outfits etc.), but definitely not for the worse. Actually they faithfully following previous stories, surely making it also appealing to a new generation of viewers and fans.

Subsequently the lyrics of the opening theme song of the show. The English version is a translation of my own.

いつか途切れた(とぎれた)夢の続き 始めよう
Let’s start continuing the dream once laid to rest

星を繋げて 宇宙(そら; うちゅう)に扉(とびら)(を)** 描けばいい
Join the stars (of the Dragon Balls)** together and draw a gate into the universe
(alternative 1: By connecting the stars, draw a gate into the universe)

新たなステージは 神に挑む(いどむ)場所
(Then)** the new stage, the place to challenge gods

Intensity * Rage * Dynamic

Let’s go! Go! 大パニック!
Let’s go! Go! Big panic!

When you loose, become stronger

身の程知ラズ(みのほどしらず)には 後悔と限界とか 無いもん
Forget who you are, and there will be no regrets and no limits
(alternative 1: Forgetting who you are means there will be no such things like regrets or limits)

Sublimity* Superiority* Dynamic

Let’s Go! Yes! 連打(れんだ)キック(を)** 浴びせて武者震い(むしゃぶるい)
Let’s Go! Yes! Cover your opponents with pounding kicks and be filled with excitement
(This part is a bit tricky to  translate due to omissions in Japanese because technically it could also mean ‘Cover your enemies in pounding kicks to let THEM trembling in amazement’. However, because of the final line of the song, I think of it as ‘excitement for something great that awaits one’. With this, it rounds off more smoothly in my viewpoint.)

スゲエ物語(こと)* が 待ってるんだぜ
Something great / A great story is awaiting you (out there)**

物語*:Usually the kanji composition reads 「ものがたり; monogatari」 for ‘story/tale’, however in the video you will see/hear 「こと; koto」, which means ‘thing’. So I think it’s kind of up to the listener, which one to pick. Just some trivia here. 

**representing omissions in Japanese or inferred and added parts from the context in English


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