Kaji Meiko – New Single out now!

kaji meikoAnd she is back! – While work for next articles is waiting in my drawer, I thought to make a short post on the release of a new single (maxi) by popular ballad singer and movie cult siren Kaji Meiko (梶  芽衣子・かじ  めいこ)😍. I’m a big fan of her music and have translated two of her songs so far here on MyLittle Dejima. The links for those articles you may find at the end ⬇ of this post – tune in🎶.

It’s been a long 6 years since her last work, the album Aitsu No Sukisona Burusu (あいつの好きそなブルース; Blues He Might Like) and for the newest creation she entered into a unique collaboration with J-Rock producer and artist Suzuki Shinichirou (鈴木慎一郎・すずき しんいちろう; artist name SHIN・シン), whereby the two bring about new sound of Japanese rock ballads✨. The single was released on March 22th, 2017, two days prior her 70th birthday on March 24th🎂, when she will also give a live performance for the occasion of her new single – at this stage a heartfelt Happy Birthday Kaji Meiko・梶芽衣子様、お誕生日おめでとうございます🎈🎉!!新曲、ワクワクお楽しみにしております💓!

The single can therewith also be considered an anniversary CD and contains 6 songs total, 3 vocal and 3 instrumental:

  1. 凛・Dignified(RIN; 新曲・new song)
  2. 触れもせず・Not Even with a Touch(SAWAREMOSEZU; 新曲・new song)
  3. 怨み節・Jeremiad (Grudge Song)(URAMI BUSHI; ROCKバージョン2017・rock version 2017)
  4. 凛(Instrumental)
  5. 触れもせず(Instrumental)
  6. 怨み節(Instrumental)

Her songs are as tasteful and expressive as ever😘 and fans of this classy lady may look forward to two new pieces as well as a rock version of one of her best-known songs, Urami Bushi (怨み節・うらみぶし; Jeremaid or Grudge Song) that was featured in both Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill and the Japanese prison film Female Convict 701: Scorpion (女囚701号/さそり・じょしゅう701ご/さそり; starring Kaji Meiko herself). This third piece clearly carries the signature of the producer’s background🎸.

Get an ear full 🎧 with the official release video down below🎵. The CD you can pick up here on amazon.co.jp through their global program. Below the video, I added the lyrics in Japanese and my own translation will follow later on (bear with me).

I don’t know about you, but I certainly get that excitement and spring feeling🌺.

20170323_Beni Iro no Hana

20170323_Beni Iro no Hana


夜毎(よごと)の雨に打たれて続けて  霞む(かすむ)瞳(ひとみ)に涙一粒(なみだひとつぶ)

凛(りん)と生きれば生きづらくとも  孤独(こどく)の中に紅色(べにいろ)の華(はな)🌺

見失う(みうしなう)様な人並み(ひとなみ)の中  私の心いつか晴れる(はれる)

夜毎の雨に負けない様な  その中を逞しく(たくましく)飛ぶ鳥(とぶとり)の様に

傷(きず)ついた羽(はね)に反射(はんしゃ)する光(ひかり) いまでも生命(いのち)を燃やす(もやす)の


夢(ゆめ)と未練(みれん)と嗤われて(わらわれて) 覚めて(さめて)みせます まだ覚めてきれぬ

女(おんな) 女 女心(おんなごころ)の怨み節(うらみぶし)


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  • First published: March 24th, 2017

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